the most astounding fact

“the universe is in us,”
dr. neil degrasse tyson
we humans, we mortal creatures,
we possess the infinity
of the universe within us

in our hearts, and in our mouths,
the raw crucible that cooked
light elements into heavy elements;
we are an endless string of atoms
and tangled molecules

in our cores, the extreme pressure and temperature
of nuclear fusion
as we grow, as we expand, filling up the space of life –
we collapse,
and we explode –

and we scatter our guts
across the multiverse
and we exhale
the dust of dead stars,
the luminescence of starlight

when we look up into the night sky,
know that we are staring into our souls
woven and sung into the very fabric of the cosmos
“we are in this universe,”
dr. neil degrasse tyson

(an interpretation of this speech by dr. neil degrasse tyson)


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